Yoga with Bryce has “Evolved!”

Yoga with Bryce has Evolved!
I have taken on a new Journey. A non affiliated (with any studio or system) workshop, retreat and training system!

Evolve Yoga is the website.
Here is the Facebook link.
Yoga with Bryce will remain, but have a redirect to Evolve. All functionality from Yoga with Bryce will be transferred to Evolve Yoga over the next few weeks.

Upcoming from Evolve!
Yoga Day Out – a fun little trip up to Bribie Island with a bunch of Yogis, beach vinyasa practise (not a bryce special!) in the morning, movement play before lunch, yin to unwind in the afternoon.
Yin Immersion – 30 hour immersion into Yin Yoga. Open to anyone who wants to understand Yin, the Why and the How.
Power Immersion – 200 hour immersion into Power Yoga. Open to anyone with a thirst to understand Power Yoga, includes developing the skillset to be capable of teaching others!


Power Align with Bryce – Alignment Workshop at Harlow Hot Yoga

If you are not busy this Sunday (15 Sep 13), then come along to the Power Align workshop I am hosting at Harlow Hot Yoga.

Breaking down the alignment of the base poses of a Power practise, with the anatomy and purpose, can help you deepen your practise, no matter what your level of experience.

Sou you there, from 11am till 2pm!

Bookings can be made at

Upcoming Workshops!

There are quite a few amazing workshops coming up!
I am going to most of them, and wish I was going to all of them =)
See you there!