Daniella – 2014
Bryce has an incredible energy
His teaching style has immensely improved my practice and my wellbeing.
His physical practice is always challenging and strong.
His vast knowledge is demonstrated with safe alignment cues and a true understanding of the difference of each persons’ body.
His self awareness teachings are simple but so powerful, and often funny, so I always leave feeling happy, relaxed and accomplished.
He is always open to chat or email and discuss anything.
I am very grateful for being able to practice with Bryce as an instructor.

Emma – 2014
I’ve been both a participant in Bryce’s classes and a student in the New Farm Power Yoga Teacher training workshops and I always feel really challenged in his classes. This allows me to become better at my practice and by the end of the class I feel a sense of achievement. I love the philosophy he brings to his classes which adds another layer to the experience. I really love attending Yoga with Bryce

Nicole – 2014
I started working with Bryce two years ago, and even after moving over an hour away from Brisbane, I still find myself coming back to practice with him nearly every Friday night! Bryce’s challenging classes are grounded in yogic philosophy, enabling you to connect with mind and body. He has a true command of yoga anatomy, and generously works with all students to help them find where they should be in each pose. He is clearly passionate about teaching, and committed to his practice. Through working with Bryce, I have not only seen my asana practice progress, but as I have, with time, become more open to my practice, I am experiencing benefits in my personal life as well.

Mary – 2014
I am a distance runner. I met Bryce in 2008 when searching for another form of sustainable exercise. Yoga was recommended to me by a few surfing friends who found yoga really helped their balance and core strength. I am really lucky that Bryce was my first yoga instructor. His approach to training is wholly supportive and nurturing. His classes are physically challenging though suited to a beginner or more advanced practice. Bryce is naturally instructional and guides you through the practice.  No judgements.  Really good teachers know if you want to truly understand something, try explaining it to someone else. Bryce is a tremendous communicator. He affirms that learning comes from rising to meet challenges.  His ability to help me build internal insight that sustains change on a deep level is very empowering.   So now when people ask what I am “into” I say- I am a yogi first before I say a distance runner. Thanks Bryce!

Diana – 2013
“Bryce, I adore you and your challenging classes. Whereas some teachers are oblivious of their students’ existence in the class, your constant dialogue and continual roaming of the room ensures we are always “in your care” as you guide us through an often very mentally and physically demanding practise – not necessarily hard poses but just getting us to “stay” and be present, getting us to go inward and just be in that space. Your knowledge of anatomy/physiology and all things to do with the workings of the body is mindblowing – you are so highly trained and so knowledgeable, I think you are a truly remarkable teacher. Aargh! I need a class right now just thinking about it!’

Annalie – 2013
“I never miss a week without seeing, hearing, feeling Bryce’s words, energy and instructions in his powerful yoga classes. It’s more than yoga for me when it’s with Bryce, it’s about strength, motivation, meditation, self worth and me time. Bryce got me into yoga 4 years ago and I’ve never looked back. Thank you Bryce”

Tunya – 2013
Every class Bryce guides you through the best way for you to get your maximal potential out of your posture. You mightn’t be comfortable with it, the difference is a good teacher might show u the how, a great teacher adjusts you and tells you why. This is Bryce. His wisdom will guide you, his passion for yoga will keep you coming back :-)

Sarah – 2012
I first met Bryce at Zen Hot Yoga in Chelmer. I decided to try yoga when things were really busy at work and I was too drained to do my usual cardio workout. I was looking for a way to reduce stress and relax a bit but, what I didn’t expect was a life-changing experience. I’ve learnt so much about myself through yoga and mainly through Bryce’s teachings. His class is a workout and de-stress session combined, with a dose of self-reflection thrown in. I used to be such a perfectionist and would either push myself until I got something exactly right or just wouldn’t try at all so that I couldn’t fail. I still remember pushing myself in a posture and falling over during Bryce’s class (anyone who’s done yoga knows how loud that thump can be in a dead quiet yoga class). Naturally I was embarrassed and was angry at myself for failing but was absolutely mortified when Bryce pointed it out in front of everyone. However, the situation quickly flipped when he mentioned that ‘that thump’ was the sign of someone pushing themselves beyond their capacity and overcoming the fear of failure, as this is the only way that we grow as people and in our practice. For me this was a life-changing experience and I learnt that I didn’t need to be perfect at everything, I didn’t need to do better every time I practiced yoga and failing was a good thing because it meant that I was trying.

Since doing yoga and, especially Bryce’s classes I’ve noticed that my general fitness has improved enormously. I have never had much upper body strength but regular yoga practice has led to massive improvements in this area. Bryce’s classes have a component that improves cardiovascular strength but with the recognition that you need to honour your body and not force it beyond it’s capabilities. I suppose the benefits of regular yoga practice only recently became evident to me. I decided to train for the Gold Coast half marathon. I began training in April and was slowly improving my ability to run longer distances. Bryce’s advice during this time proved invaluable and greatly helped me prepare for the race. Unfortunately I developed depression and didn’t have the energy to run for about six weeks. During this time I maintained my yoga practice as this helped improve my mood and I was able to take it easier when my energy levels were low. I finally got back into training and then injured my leg. With only a couple weeks to go I pushed myself back into running, doubtful that I’d even be able to participate in the race. It rained for most of the final week before the race and, again, my ability to train was limited. I participated in the race, not sure if I’d even be able to finish. Amazingly, I did. And in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I was really proud of my achievement. However, it obviously wasn’t due to the amount that I had trained (given that I’d hardly done any training). I honestly believe that it was my regular yoga practice that improved my general fitness levels and that was what helped get me through. During class we’re regularly encouraged to move beyond the discomfit and focus on our breathing. It was this practice that helped me push myself past my comfort zone and continue to run, even though I just wanted to give up. I can’t recommend Bryce’s classes enough – they’re challenging, relaxing, fun and, most importantly, an opportunity for self-reflection. Thank you Bryce!

Sonya – 2011
I am the one with the sore shoulder. I have torn my tendon and am waiting for an operation. I have been learning yoga for about 2 years now, off and on. My shoulder has caused me many problems, as I hurt it again early this year during a yoga session….and then had a lot of time off waiting for it to heal. I wanted to thank you for walking around the class helping everyone. I especially loved your philosophy about how students just want to get to the end result….the yoga posture, and how it is all about the journey getting there. I have taken this on board and truly, I have felt my practice really improve because of this. I have REALLY been enjoying your classes, and because I am thinking about the muscles i need to use in getting into a pose, i am feeling much more stronger and in control. I am really loving yoga at the moment and it is all due to you!! Keep up the good work.

Loretta – 2011
I met Bryce in December 2009. I had suffered chronic neck and back pain from scoliosis and arthritis for seven years at that point. Bryce helped me to work to strengthen my body and for the first time in many years I was able to manage my pain without having weekly massage or physio appointments or taking medication. We worked hard together. The improvement didn’t come over night. But after attending class with Bryce every week for a year the results were amazing. I am an ex marathon runner – but I would have to say, although I have been fit before, my body has never felt as strong as when I was regularly practising with Bryce. Even if you only do classes occasionally with Bryce the tips and alignment cues you learn can be applied to your home practice or in other classes and will greatly strengthen your practice overall.

Bryce takes inspiration from body builders, ballet dancers, baseball players, break dancers – anyone who uses their body towards a goal. He is very observant, detail focused and has an excellent knowledge of alignment. He will allow you to work in a way that suits your body – even if this may be unconventional. His experience from healing his own body is obvious, and he shares this knowledge with the class. Questions are always gladly accepted and answered – Bryce always makes time for his students. The unique nature of my scoliosis has made practicing in regular classes sometimes feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I also felt that sometimes my progress was stalled because no-one had advised me on how to practice in light of my asymmetry. Bryce taught me ways to adapt poses both according to the unique nature of my spine and my ability level. These adaptations made me much more comfortable and the personal attention allowed me to really progress in my practice. I cant thank Bryce enough for helping me improve my life by strengthening and healing my body through yoga.

Caitlin – 2010
I attended regular Yin Yoga classes with Bryce for about 6 months and noticed a remarkable difference in my flexibility, energy and posture. I had been relying on infrequent massages to compensate for the enormous number of massages I was giving but I found that regular Yin Yoga classes reduced my need for massage and provided me with the endurance I needed to keep working as a therapist. I have specifically recommended Bryce’s classes to many of my clients because I know first-hand his talents for adjusting poses to suit individuals current abilities. I also enjoyed Bryce’s focus on educating yoga students about their posture and general health, which I feel is an important aspect of any exercise and/or treatment. Bryce is a very caring and dedicated teacher who gives a great deal of individual attention and support.

Jason – 2010
For years I had been trying Yoga, on and off. I enjoyed it, I knew it was good for me, but I hadn’t been hooked on it. I started practising with Bryce, and finally my eyes were opened. Everything about Bryce’s style was everything I had been looking for without knowing exactly what that was. From his strong power style, to his ability to motivate and lead the group from all parts of the room. To quietly urge us on when he sensed we were tired, to deciding some could push harder at which point he would become part of the class and work with us until we reached the level he thought we could attain. No matter what corner of the room he was in, it always felt like he was talking directly to me. Bryce always encouraged us to practise hard for ourselves, but often I felt I wanted to achieve for him as much as myself. Thanks Bryce for the most amazing experiences, I hope to practise with you for many years to come.

Laura – 2010
I thoroughly enjoy taking Bryce’s power yoga classes. Bryce is a patient and courteous teacher who gives clear direction and pays attention to alignment. A great class for beginners through to experienced yogis.

Imogen – 2010
I found Bryce’s Power yoga classes challenging, light-hearted and fun, all elements which lead to a great yoga session.

Susan – 2010
I have been to many yoga classes throughout the years, but by far Bryce’s power yoga classes are the best. I have found this new love for yoga through Bryce’s teachings and I really look forward to taking his class. My flexibility has improved significantly due to the powerful poses and Bryce’s encouragement and challenging way of guiding the class. I often found in yoga classes that my mind would wander, however I am learning through Bryce how to stay centred and present. Bryce is very inspirational, positive, motivating and thought provoking.

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